Top Customer Comments About Kool Smiles

Studies have shown that a white smile can boost self-esteem, empowering individuals to speak out more as a result.

Plenty of people have left Kool Smiles with a healthy set of teeth and have proudly boasted about it. Below are some of the top comments from Kool Smiles customers.

  • “I love the way Kool Smiles treats my children. What I normally see is that my kids love coming here and they leave happy all the time.”

  • “We are seen right away; there are no long waits. They even remembered our names after the first visit, which really made us feel good.”

Many customers have even taken to video to share their comments about Kool Smiles.

  • “I love the way they’re bilingual. They don’t hesitate to speak to you in Spanish and I love that.”
  • “I feel like they care. They take pride in what they do. They want the best for my child.”

  • “It’s the perfect place to take children to the dentist.”

Customer Care at Kool Smiles

Customer comments come in bunches at Kool Smiles. The company administers hundreds of surveys every month in a diligent effort to collect patient feedback. And any complaint received is personally followed up on by the Patient Satisfaction Team.

The results of those surveys show that 97 percent of patients are likely to return to Kool Smiles again in the future and refer a friend or family member to Kool Smiles. Clinical complaints happen at a rate of just once every 10,000 appointments and complaints of any kind surface just once every 4,000 appointments.

Kool Smiles even reviews itself, using a health records system to gauge its own clinical compliance against government and professional standards.

Since opening in 2002, Kool Smiles has been committed to providing quality dental care to children in underserved areas. Learn more about the efforts Kool Smiles makes to satisfy each and every patient.