Hernandez Family Review of Kool Smiles Laredo

Melissa Hernandez’s son, Gustavo, age 6, was in excruciating pain. His mouth was hurting terribly and he was having sleepless nights. Ms. Hernandez called her current dentist, who offered her an appointment in three days. She called several other dentists in town and they either refused to see Gustavo because he was covered by Medicaid or offered an appointment several days later. Ms. Hernandez said, “I was frustrated. I didn’t know what to do to help my child feel better.” Gustavo needed medical care immediately.

She then remembered a flier she had received outside of Wal-Mart several months earlier advertising a new dental office for kids in Laredo called Kool Smiles. Although she already had a dentist for her three children, she kept the flier “just in case.”

Ms. Hernandez called the number on the flier and, to her surprise, Kool Smiles told her they would see Gustavo that day and to “walk in any time before 2 p.m.” When Ms. Hernandez and Gustavo arrived at Kool Smiles, they were immediately greeted by staff who looked in Gustavo’s mouth and suspected an infection. The dentist saw him immediately and confirmed that Gustavo did indeed have an infection and had to have several teeth removed. Right away, the pain in Gustavo’s mouth subsided and he began smiling. Ms. Hernandez said, “I was thrilled and relieved that Gustavo got the medical care he needed.”

Talking about her Kool Smiles experience, Ms. Hernandez said, “I was so happy that when I really needed services for my child, and even though they had never seen him before, Kool Smiles was willing to treat him. The staff was wonderful. They were sympathetic and caring and explained the procedures very thoroughly. I also met with the dentist and received further information on Gustavo’s treatment.”

After her wonderful experience at Kool Smiles with Gustavo, Ms. Hernandez transferred her other two children, Emily, age 4, and Carlos, age 6, from her current dentist to Kool Smiles. All her children love Kool Smiles and she has continued to have the same positive experience with Emily and Carlos that she had with Gustavo. Ms. Hernandez has been telling all her friends, family, and co-workers about Kool Smiles.