Brownsville, TX Kool Smiles Experience From The Gutierrez Family

Diana Leos’ children, Melissa Gutierrez, age 8, and John Gutierrez, age 4, have been going to Kool Smiles of Brownsville, Texas, for about six months. Ms. Leos decided to bring her children to Kool Smiles after receiving a card in the mail advertising their services.

Ms. Leos was immediately impressed when she arrived at the Kool Smiles office. The office was bright and colorful, with a playground, and was a fun dentist for children. “The office personnel smiled often, the kids loved the playground, and they were made to feel at home,” she said. The Kool Smiles employees were “friendly and compassionate,” she added.

Ms. Leos also said her own comfort level was raised early on, when all details of the work that had to be done on her children was explained so thoroughly. She spoke with the dentist and it was a very informative conversation. Although Ms. Leos was offered the opportunity to watch her children’s treatment, she did not feel a need to do so after their initial visit because of the “confidence she had in the abilities of the Kool Smiles staff” and their attitude and behavior with her children. John even had to have temporary teeth installed, and he went to the operatory room by himself and was totally fine!

Ms. Leos said, “My children love Kool Smiles. They actually like going to the dentist and look forward to their visits. They are not fearful and they’re motivated to maintain good dental hygiene at home. It’s wonderful.”

When asked how we could improve Kool Smiles, her only suggestion was for a larger TV—and that idea actually came from her daughter Melissa!