Kool Smiles Review: The Cox Family Chooses Kool Smiles of Virginia

Natacha Cox is a responsible and attentive mother. Her four children, Kenneth, age 16, Kenosha, age 14, Kenique, age 11, and Troy, age 5, had been regularly seeing a dentist in rural Virginia since they were very young. But Ms. Cox said, “Kids are fidgety and don’t sit still for long. The two dentists we had seen always complained that my kids weren’t behaving well and it made my kids not want to go to the dentist.”

In mid 2008, Ms. Cox learned from a co-worker about Kool Smiles and their kid-friendly environment. “Even though it was an hour and a half drive, I was willing to make the trip if it helped my children,” she said. Right away, Ms. Cox knew she had made the right decision. “Kool Smiles made me feel welcomed and informed about my kids’ dental care. The staff is so nice and helpful. They take time to explain to me about their treatment.”  Ms. Cox even had year youngest child exclaim, “Mom, I want to go back to the dentist,” and she replied, “I know baby, but we can only go every six months!”

“I want my children to have a positive dental experience when they are young, so that when they turn 18 and make their own decisions they will continue to see the dentist.”