Real Patient Reviews of Kool Smiles

Patient satisfaction is not something taken lightly by Kool Smiles. In fact, the company’s diligent efforts to gather feedback from patients has resulted in a number of positive reviews.

Below are some reviews from actual patients regarding their Kool Smiles experience.

I love the way Kool Smiles treats my children. What I normally see is that my kids love coming here and they leave happy all the time. My children all want to go back to the dentist. Even I cannot believe it!”

  • Susana Varela, Brownsville, TX

It was awesome. The environment is much different than other dental offices. It is so bright and clean and the staff is so nice.”

  • Priscilla Gamez, Eagle Pass, TX

We were immediately impressed when we walked through the door that morning. The waiting area is kid friendly with many things to keep the children busy. The receptionist was very friendly and efficient.”

  • Tina Brooks, Louisville, KY

The office is beautiful, clean and entertaining. It is evident that kids are Kool Smiles’ focus.”

  • Susana Ramirez, Eagle Pass, TX

“Kool Smiles of Fall River (eased) the fears of a parent and (allowed) my son to have what every child deserves — comprehensive dental care.”

  • Bethany Toure, Fall River, MA

The Kool Smiles Review

As part of their commitment to patient satisfaction, Kool Smiles surveys hundreds of patients every month and reviews each one individually. In the event of a complaint, each one is personally responded to by the Patient Satisfaction Team.

Recent surveys indicate that 97 percent of Kool Smiles patients are likely to return in the future and refer a friend or family member to Kool Smiles. Only about one out of every 4,000 Kool Smiles appointments results in a complaint of any kind and clinical complaints occur at a rate of less than one in 10,000 appointments.  

Kool Smiles is also diligent about reviewing itself, using health records systems to measure its own clinical compliance with government and professional guidelines.

The internal and external review process practiced by Kool Smiles has been one of the keys to the company’s sustained success since 2002.

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