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Top Customer Comments About Kool Smiles

Studies have shown that a white smile can boost self-esteem, empowering individuals to speak out more as a result. Plenty of people have left Kool Smiles with a healthy set of teeth and have proudly boasted about it. Below are some of the top comments from Kool Smiles customers. “I love the way Kool Smiles […]

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Kool Smiles Reviews How to Set up a Tray

Kool Smiles is a dental practice that focuses on treating children, especially those living in communities with limited access to dental care. In this article, Kool Smiles reviews how to set up a dental tray and explains some of the tools that are needed to perform a wide range of routine dental procedures. Setting Up […]

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Kool Smiles Feedback and Reviews

Recent Efforts by Kool Smiles Draw Rave Reviews Kool Smiles, the dental service provider that specializes in bringing affordable care to children in underserved communities, has drawn plenty of attention in light of some recent humanitarian efforts. Some of the reviews that have made recent headlines include: Baltimore Sun, May 15, 2016 Five Kools Smiles […]

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Real Patient Reviews of Kool Smiles

Patient satisfaction is not something taken lightly by Kool Smiles. In fact, the company’s diligent efforts to gather feedback from patients has resulted in a number of positive reviews. Below are some reviews from actual patients regarding their Kool Smiles experience. “I love the way Kool Smiles treats my children. What I normally see is […]

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Kool Smiles Reviews the Best Shoes for a Dental Clinic

Believe it or not, the shoes and scrubs that dental professionals wear can influence their productivity and the reputation of their practice. Below, Kool Smiles — a nationwide dental network that focuses on the treatment of children — reviews the best shoes for a dental clinic. Review: the Best Shoes for Dental Professionals According to […]

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Kool Smiles Reviews How to Teach Kids to Brush

As soon as a child gets his or her first tooth, parents should begin cleaning the tooth daily with a soft cloth or soft bristle toothbrush. As children get older and begin brushing their own teeth, they should brush twice a day. Below, Kool Smiles reviews how to teach kids to brush with a few […]

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Kool Smiles Reviews the Best Scrubs

For dental professionals, finding the best scrubs is an important part of the job. Below, Kool Smiles reviews the best scrubs to help dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants choose scrubs that meet the specific needs of their day-to-day duties. The Best Scrubs for Dental Professionals Although scrubs come in two types — disposable and […]

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Kool Smiles Reviews Best Practices for Flossing

Flossing is one of the most important steps of keeping a healthy set of chompers. On average, only 49% of Americans floss daily and 1 out of 10 people never floss. But, did you know that flossing is more important than brushing in preventing gum disease and tooth loss. Kool Smiles reviews flossing techniques so […]

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Kool Smiles Reviews Healthy Dental Tips

At least 4 million preschoolers are affected by tooth decay making it the number one preventive disease affecting children today. At Kool Smiles, we want to fight this problem as best we can. That’s why Kool Smiles reviews dental health tips to give you the best information and help your children fight tooth decay. Top […]

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Kool Smiles Parent Review: “They Care…”